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You're ready to advance your career within Big Data. But who offers the job, assignment, or work environment that perfectly matches your future aspirations? Discover how easily you can find that match through Visser & Van Baars' network. Your skills are in demand, and we know where. Tell us what you're looking for; we'll find it for you!

About Big Data

Is Big Data your domain? Then you excel in collecting, processing, analysing, and interpreting large, complex datasets. With your insights, you enhance business results. You might work with tools like Azure, Hadoop, and Spark, and employ AI for data analysis, forecasting, and decision-making. Key Big Data skills include data engineering, analysis, machine learning, knowledge of ETL tools, and data storage options.

Our approach

By listening closely to you and focusing on one data specialisation, one type of employment, and one region, our consultants know exactly which vacancy or employer in our network is the right fit for you. We guide and support you during and after your application process and can mediate any kind of employment for you. Share your ambitions and preferences with us, and we'll work together to shape your future.


We have many interesting Big Data assignments and vacancies that match your skills and preferences across a wide range of sectors—from Sustainable Energy to SMEs, from major financial organisations and pension funds to music venues, from government agencies to startups and scale ups. Tell us about the work environment in which you thrive, and we'll quickly find your match.

Popular Big Data profiles

Data scientist

As a data scientist, you're an analytical talent with expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI/ML best practices. Experienced in Python and relevant libraries, you handle various algorithms and can work with services like Databricks and Sci-Kit Learn (in cloud or on-prem environments). You translate business questions into data-driven solutions, identify opportunities, provide advice, and work agilely.

Data engineer

As a data engineer, you build, implement, maintain, and optimise data pipelines (ETL). You ensure automated data processing and availability, for example with Azure. You work with tools like Databricks, Hadoop, Spark, SQL, and cloud platforms, and have strong programming skills, especially in Python and SQL.

Machine learning engineer

As a machine learning engineer, you implement and train data (science) and/or ML models, for data-driven insights and predictions. You program in Python or R, master TensorFlow, Docker, Kubernetes, and/or Databricks, develop data pipelines, and apply ML models to specific business issues.

Wide range of partners

From startups to multinationals, you'll find them in our network. A selection of our partners.

The experience of

Lead Data Architect Arjen

“Visser & Van Baars understands precisely what concerns me as a data specialist.”

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Client Hypoport

“I often receive calls from other recruiters, but we prefer working with our trusted partners. Visser & Van Baars know us, they know our culture. It makes things easier.”

From freelance to permanent: choose what suits you best

Find that elusive ideal job or assignment within Big Data that matches your ambition, preferences, and skills through Visser & Van Baars. And quickly! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we have them in our network. We'll introduce you and can mediate any type of employment for you: from freelance to permanent and everything in between.


Work as a freelance Big Data specialist for various clients on a project basis.

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Find a permanent position within Big Data that matches your ambitions, preferences and skills.



Join Visser & Van Baars as a Big Data specialist and be seconded to our clients.

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