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Business intelligence

You’re a business intelligence specialist and eager to advance. Ready for the next step in your career. But how do you quickly find the project, job, or work environment that perfectly aligns with your skills and aspirations? Don't waste time on conversations with organisations that eventually don't meet your standards. Visser & Van Baars has got you covered.

About Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) involves gathering, integrating, analysing, and presenting business data to support strategic and operational decisions. BI specialists use data analysis tools and techniques to cleanse data and make data accessible. Their aim: to identify trends, measure performance, and provide insights. BI specialists lay the groundwork for informed decision-making and establishing a data-driven culture within organisations.

Our approach

By listening closely to you and focusing on one data or analytics specialisation, one contract type, and one region, our account managers and recruiters know exactly which vacancy or client in our network is the right fit for you. We guide and support you during and after the application process and can mediate any type of contract for you. Share your ambitions and preferences with us, and let's work together to shape your future.

Where you will be working

Data is the new gold. Thus, as a BI specialist, you can essentially work anywhere. From Finance to live music venues, multinationals to innovative SMEs, from Healthcare to Supply Chain, and from Energy to governmental agencies. We have them in our network and know precisely where your next great challenge lies, thanks to our strong relationships with these organisations. Tell us where you want to make an impact with your knowledge. And we'll swiftly find your match.

In-demand Business Intelligence profiles

Power BI developer

A Power BI developer creates BI solutions with Microsoft Power BI, focusing on data visualisation and analysis. Responsibilities include data modeling, and creating dashboards and reports. Essential skills include: Power BI, data analysis, DAX, SQL, data warehouse concepts, and data warehouse automation.

Business analyst

As a business analyst, you identify business needs, analyse processes, and suggest improvements. Your responsibilities include gathering requirements, process modeling, and stakeholder management. This role requires analytical thinking, strong communication and project management skills. And proficiency with BPMN, UML, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Agile/Scrum methodologies.

Data engineer

As a data engineer, you develop and manage data solutions in environments like Azure, from databases to data lakes or data warehouses. Work with Azure Data Factory, Databricks, AWS, GCP, Snowflake, or on-premise environments. Essential skills: data modeling, ETL processes, SQL, Python, and knowledge of cloud architecture. Fluency in the organisation’s native language is often required due to complex local regulations.

Data architect

As a data architect, you design data strategies and architectures, integrate various data systems, and ensure data quality and security. You manage ETL processes and are familiar with the Azure ecosystem, often with knowledge of data modeling, SQL, and tools like Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and SQL Database.

Business Intelligence


Wide range of partners

From startups to multinationals, they're in our network. A selection of our partners.

From consulting to permanent: choose what suits you

Find through Visser & Van Baars the elusive ideal BI job or project that matches your ambition, preferences, and skills. And quickly! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we have them in our network. We will introduce you and can mediate any type of contract: from consulting to permanent and everything in between.


Join Visser & Van Baars as a business intelligence specialist and start your consulting project at one of our clients.

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