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Your expertise lies in Data Management. At Visser & Van Baars, we excel at making the best Data job matches. Tell us about the projects and industries where your Data Management skills can make the most impact. Let us handle the search for companies that meet your criteria, leveraging our expertise and extensive network to your advantage.


Data management specialists focus on optimising processes, responsibilities, quality, architecture, and governance surrounding data, crucial for data-driven decisions. Data Management enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and fosters innovation. Organisations increasingly recognise the importance of data quality and the need for compliant and responsible data use. If your expertise lies in Data Management, there's high demand for your skills!

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By listening closely to you and focusing on one data specialisation, one contract type, and one region, our account managers and recruiters know exactly which vacancy or client in our network is the right fit for you. We guide and support you during and after the application process and can mediate any type of contract for you. Share your ambitions and preferences with us, and let's work together to shape your future.


We have numerous intriguing Data Management assignments that align with your skills and preferences across a wide range of sectors: from Retail to Investment Management, Utilities to Healthcare Devices. Interested in working in Energy Transition? Our network includes grid operators like TenneT. Let us know in which work environment you thrive, and we'll swiftly find your match.

In-demand Data Management profiles

Data entry specialist

As a data entry specialist, you meticulously input data into systems, verify data quality, and work with tools like Excel and database software. Your hands-on mentality and precision contribute to reliable data analysis.

Master data management specialist

Are you a master data management specialist? You manage and harmonise core business data to ensure consistency and accuracy. You utilise MDM systems like those from Informatica, Azure, and SAP. Your work reinforces data integrity.

Data quality specialist

As a data quality specialist, you monitor and improve data quality using analyses and tools like SQL and data quality software. You identify and correct errors, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data.

Data steward

As a data steward, you ensure data quality, policies, and guidelines, ensuring compliance and supporting data governance with tools like Collibra and Azure Purview. Your role ensures data integrity and accessibility. Discover which organisations are seeking you.

Data management consultant

Are you utilising your Data Management skills as a consultant? As a consultant, you work on various projects across different organisations, excelling in stakeholder management at various levels. You provide advice on data strategies and engage in solutions that ensure optimal data quality and security.

Data governance officer – Data governance consultant

As a data governance officer or consultant, you're dedicated to establishing and maintaining Data Governance frameworks. You ensure data quality, security, and compliance, working with various stakeholders within the organisation and tools like Collibra. Your expertise in projects improves strategic data management.

Data architect

As a data architect, you design data models and architectures, offering insights into efficiently managing and utilising data. You integrate data systems to create a solid data foundation.

Data management program or project manager
Chief data officer

As a chief data officer, you're responsible for the overall data strategy, governance, quality, and compliance within your organisation. You lead initiatives for data innovation and optimisation, collaborating with technologies and frameworks for data management and analytics.

Data Management



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